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Do you wish doctors still made house calls?

It's possible once again to see your doctor in the comfort of your own home or office. Using modern video-conferencing technology, you can visit with your primary care physician and receive the same care and treatment that previously required an office visit.

How does it work?

A televisit works just like an office visit in many ways. Through your laptop, smartphone or tablet device your physician will review your medical history or symptoms. You can ask questions, just as during a regular office visit. Your physician will provide a treatment plan, including prescribing medications as necessary. 

What do I need to do to schedule an appointment? 

1. You must be signed up for our Patient Portal. Please call our office at 231-935-8950 to get login credentials.

2. Call our office at 231-935-8950 and tell our staff that you would like to schedule a televisit, and inquire as to whether or not a televisit would be appropriate. 

3. You will be able to view your appointment on the Patient Portal or within the Healow app. You will also receive a confirmation email. 

What do I do at my scheduled appointment time?

Logging onto the Patient Portal or Healow app at the time of scheduling your appointment is especially important the first time you participate in a televisit. That way you can ensure that your able to get in and have time to troubleshoot if needed. 

About 30 minutes before your scheduled televisit appointment time, please log on to the Patient Portal using your web browser (must use either Chrome or Firefox)  on your laptop, or access the Healow app on your smartphone (or tablet device). 

What can I expect during a TeleVisit appointment?

Before your appointment, you'll be able to enter your vitals (weight, height, temperature, blood pressure and more). You can leave blank any information that you don't know. When logging in on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone) to the Patient Portal please make sure when asked to allow camera, microphone and speaker. 

When your appointment time arrives, you'll be able to click or touch a button that starts the televisit. You'll be able to see and talk to your physician. 

Can I do a TeleVisit with my doctor if I am out of state?

Many states have modified their licensure requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. States laws are changing at a rapid pace and some of the temporary waivers allowed during COVID-19 have been rescinded. As a result, various states are not allowing physicians to perform telehealth services in their state without being licensed in the designated state. For that reason, we are no longer able to perform telehealth services for patients that are out of the state of Michigan.


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