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Labs Specialist

Thirlby Clinic, PLC

Internal Medicine & Family Medicine located in Traverse City, MI

Lab tests (labs) are a key step in diagnosing medical problems and finding ideal treatment plans. Thirlby Clinic, PLC, has a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified lab on-site in their Traverse City, Michigan, facility. The experienced medical technologists have a 25-year history of top-quality lab testing with minimal wait time. Call the office or use online scheduling to book your lab testing.

Labs Q & A

What is lab testing (labs)?

Lab testing, or labs, are tests that the Thirlby Clinic, PLC, team performs on-site in their Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified lab. Lab testing involves taking a small sample of blood, urine, or tissue from your body. 

The experienced medical technologists either examine the sample on-site or send it to Munson Medical Laboratory for advanced testing. You get comparable results whether the team processes your sample on-site or at the Munson main lab. 

When would I need labs?

Labs may be part of your wellness exam or sick visit. The team uses lab testing for many reasons, including: 

  • Diagnosing disease or illness
  • Routine wellness checks, like high cholesterol testing
  • Predicting health issues
  • Identifying emerging problems
  • Treatment planning
  • Evaluating treatment response
  • Monitoring disease progression

If you have a condition like high blood pressure or heart disease, you may need regular labs to check for high blood sugar (diabetes) and high cholesterol since these conditions often occur at the same time. 

How do I prepare for labs?

There are several different lab tests, each with unique preparation requirements. Many labs don't need special prep, but some require fasting for at least eight hours ahead of the test. 

The Thirlby Clinic, PLC, team gives you all the info you need to prep for your labs. Be sure to follow any instructions very closely, as deviations could interfere with accurate results.

Do I need an appointment for lab testing?

Thirlby Clinic, PLC, requires appointments for all laboratory testing. The lab has a convenient entrance, so you can park in the upper right parking lot to get in and out quickly at your appointed time. 

How do I see the results from my labs?

The team strives for prompt service and minimal wait times for all lab testing, and they're equally dedicated to processing your samples quickly and efficiently. 

The Thirlby Clinic, PLC, lab team sends the results directly to your doctor's electronic medical record, and then the team can explain what the numbers mean during your next appointment. 

For lab testing in a clean, safe, and professional medical environment, you can’t beat Thirlby Clinic, PLC. Call the office or schedule your appointment online today.