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Acute Illnesses Specialist

Thirlby Clinic, PLC

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Acute illnesses can include viruses, common colds, bronchitis, bacterial infections, and other sudden-developing health issues. At Thirlby Clinic, PLC, the team of dedicated doctors has a long history of treating all forms of acute illness, so you can trust them for compassionate care and a quick recovery. Call the Traverse City, Michigan, office, or schedule an appointment online today.

Acute Illness Q & A

What is an acute illness?

Acute illnesses are short-term sickness. They start abruptly, typically cause intense symptoms, and then go away within a few weeks. 

Although acute illnesses can sometimes go away without treatment, getting medical care can significantly increase your comfort and hasten your recovery.

How is an acute illness different from a chronic illness?

Chronic illnesses are quite different from acute ones. They usually start slowly and then build up over time. Arthritis is a common example of a chronic illness. Chronic illnesses last for months or years and require ongoing maintenance care, including wellness visits. 

What are the most common acute illnesses?

The most common acute illnesses include: 

  • Flu
  • Viruses
  • Common cold
  • Allergies
  • Asthma attacks
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Sinus infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Ear infections
  • Pink eye
  • Rashes
  • Urinary tract infections

The symptoms of each acute illness are specific to that particular sickness. But, generally, acute illnesses cause intrusive symptoms that can make you feel all-around-awful. 

If you have sudden acute illness symptoms, don’t push yourself. Take some time to rest and start the natural recovery process. You may also need immediate care at Thirlby Clinic, PLC, to manage your symptoms. 

When should I seek treatment for acute illnesses?

If your illness started suddenly and you don’t feel better after a day or two of rest at home, the Thirlby Clinic, PLC, team can help. 

They may recommend symptom-easing treatments like increasing your fluid intake and prescribe medications such as antihistamines to ease symptoms like runny nose and sneezing. 

Although not all acute illnesses necessarily have a cure, there are many ways to minimize the symptoms and reduce the duration of your sickness. The earlier you come into Thirlby Clinic, PLC, for your acute illness, the less you’ll have to suffer. 

Are acute illnesses contagious?

Some acute illnesses are contagious, for example, the common cold and many viruses. If you have a contagious illness, it’s important to isolate yourself according to the Thirlby Clinic, PLC, team’s recommendations to avoid spreading the illness to others. 

If you have an acute illness or suspect you’re getting sick, get a jump-start on recovery by booking your appointment at Thirlby Clinic, PLC. Schedule online or call the office today.